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The Art Of Lino Print Making

How It All Started

Have you ever heard of Lino print making? I have to admit that up until a few years ago I hadn't. I learned the art of Lino print making when I went to university. One of my goals to achieve while going to university was to find an art form that I could incorporate my poetry with. I decided to do extended minors in English and Visual Arts. As you can gather to complete the visual arts requirements I had to take several art classes. This was no hardship because being creative is like playing. I took two years of photography and two years of print making. It was while taking the print making classes that I learned to and fell in love with lino print making I'll have to admit I was rather intimated by my ability to draw at first. During the first semester and part of the second one my pieces consisted of traced images from some old photographs I had. Part way during my second semester my instructor said she was surprised that she hadn't seen more of my poetry in my work. I took this as a challenge. I said fine I will do a piece from start to finish and won't show her until it was ready to be printed. I didn't want to risk her telling me that it wasn't any good until I was done. I had a reading break and a weekend to do my piece. I had a picture in my head to go with one of my poems and decided to start with that one. I finished the piece to the point that it was ready to print. I took it to class to show my instructor. I tell you the her reaction was completely unexpected. She was so excited when she saw it that she hooped and hallowed. She went out and got a few more instructors to show them my work. She said that I was a folk artist with my own style and I should do very little to change it. As you can imagine that her reaction was a great confidence booster. I spent the next few semesters producing a body of work that incorporated both my poetry and my drawings.

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Hope For Tomorrow My First Lino

This was the first lino I did. It was inspired by a poem I wrote after laying in my bed crying thinking I had lost all hope for tomorrow. I felt as if the creator came, leaned over my bed and whispered my name in my ear. The poem came to me then. I thought you know what I don't feel like getting up and writing the poem now. If it's still in my head in the morning I'll write it. I still remembered the poem the next morning and wrote it.

The Bay Watcher

This poem was loosely inspired by my grandfather. It tells the story of a man standing by the bay thinking about his life, all the good and bad things he had done.

Dad's Chair

Who doesn't have or had a dad that had a favorite chair. I wrote this poem after my dad passed away. In the poem and the picture I am a adult standing looking at his chair remembering the events around that chair wishing he was still in it.

Early Morning Struggle

I actually wrote this poem after sitting on my doorstep at one in the morning. I felt like the whole world was against me. Everything that could go wrong had gone wrong and frankly I just didn't have the energy to go on. Sadly I toyed with the idea of ending my life that night. Instead I got up pushed the dust off the seat of my pants and went to bed hoping that the next day would be better.Sad but true, life just isn't a quiet lay in the rug.

A Hiding Place

While being in abusive marriage I found myself gaining a huge amount of weight. I lost the weight after I lost the relationship. I began to look at the weight gain as a way to hide my inner self and protect it from getting completely destroyed.

Horse And Train

This poem was written as an assignment for a poetry writing course. We were shown a painting and had to write a poem about it.

Horse Wait

This poem was inspired by my love for horses. The theme of the poem is a rider trying to convince a wild horse to let them ride it.

In Memory Of Granddad (In Blue)

I did the picture in memory of my grandfather who my grandmother affectionately called Granddad. My grandparents lived on the coast in Victoria British Columbia. Grandpa used to take his row boat out in the ocean and feed the seagulls. I remember visiting my grandparents when we were young children. It was during this visit when Grandpa told us kids how he went out in the boat to feed the seagulls. He told us how the seagulls would come and eat the bread right out of his hand.

In Memory Of Granddad (Blended Colors)

While some lino prints are done in one color there is a technique where two or more colors of ink are blended together. The colors change with each print you make as the colors come together.

It's My Grief

Written in the memory of Donald Philip Nelson 1936-1994 He died a young man to you to die. He never ate right. He smoke like a chimney and drank like a fish. He never saw a doctor. He was dysfunctional in all his ways. He never tried to spend time with his children or grandchildren, well at least some of them. He never once came to my house to see where I lived. But he was my dad and I still loved him. Don't be like him! ©1999 Patricia M. Penner

Maker Of My Soul

I was inspired to write this poem when I realized that the creator could see me and knew all about me. The thought was rather inspiring since I had grown up feeling rather invisible.

My Tea Tipping Friend

I wrote this poem for a friend who I spent a lot of time with having tea. We both had small children and loved to steal moments where we could just sit and chat over a cup of tea. She went away for several months and as you can guess I missed her and our tea time chatter.

It Touched Me Again ( This Could Be Me)

I wrote this poem one day after a local woman was killed by her ex husband. After leaving an abusive marriage a few years before I was struck by the realization that this woman very well could have been me.

Tommy A Bony Little Boy (In Green)

This poem was fun to write. It actually was written as an assignment in a poetry writing class. We were given a list a words and had to write a poem using all of them.

Tommy A Bony Little Boy (Blended Colors)

To Much Coffee

I wrote this poem after not being able to sleep one night. I had a coffee with a friend earlier in the evening and couldn't sleep.

You Were My Friend

Some poems come out of terrible times this poem is one of those. My son was beaten up at a church youth event. Sadly he didn't receive any support from the church youth staff. Fortunately a group of kids from another church and another community took him under their wing and supported him. I wrote this poem for them.

Your Promises

I had heard several songs and poems about being able to see God's promises in good times. I thought it would be cool to write a poem about being able to see God's promises in good and bad times. In this poem God's promises are flowers you can pick and put in your hair.

Yes They Are For Sale

All my prints are signed and numbered. They are all done on acid free archival paper. All my images are 16"x20" I have several prints for sale. If you see one that you like you can email me at I have a paypal account which I will accept payments through. The cost for the prints are $175.00 which includes postage and handling anywhere in Canada or the United States Of course you can buy a print if you live anywhere else in the world. Just let me know so I can adjust the price accordingly. If you're interested you can contact me through my blog or email me at You can also see some more of my art in my Zazzle stores at And Please Don`t Forget The Copyright

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Your Promises In Pink

Thanks for dropping by and looking at my art work. I hope you enjoyed your stay. As I said earlier you can purchase my lino prints. If you're interested you can contact me through my blog or email me at

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